Have you ever had questions about caring for your jewelry or watches? Check out the answers below, to some of the most common questions for helpful insights, tips and tricks for yellow gold and white gold care, plated items, silver pieces, quartz and automatic or solar powered watches and much more! Just click on the link below that best describes what you are looking for:


Yellow, Rose or Green Gold Jewelry

White Gold Jewelry

Platinum Jewelry

Silver Jewelry

Stainless Steel and Other Alternative Metal Jewelry

Pearl, Opal and Other Delicate Stone Jewelry


Dust Proof Watches

Water Resistant Watches

Water Proof/Diver’s Watches

Quartz (regular, battery-operated) Watches

Manual (Wind-Up) and Automatic (Runs on Motion) Watches

Solar (Sun) Powered Watches (ex. EcoDrive or Tough Solar)

Metal Watch Bracelets

Leather and Exotic Leather Watch Straps

Rubber and Silicone Watch Bands

Ceramic Watch Bracelets