Best jeweler around ppl run to the mall and have Paul fix anything for you! He's the best!

Michael Nealon |  West Haven, Connecticut

The work that Paul does is amazing. He is the very best jeweler around! Very impressed!

Greg Strengowski |  Milford, Connecticut

Found an old 1920 Gillette Safety Razor at an antique store in New York. Brought it to the Jewelry Repair store in the Milford Mall and Paul restored it to look like it did almost 100 years ago.

Brandon Soley |  West Haven, Connecticut

Great job repairing old jewelry and resizing rings! They are the only place in the mall that will replace a battery in one of my watches.

Ed Weinberg |  Milford, Connecticut

Paul is hands down the best and most reliable Jeweler around... I've seen repairs done by retail company jewelers that were horribly butchered and hacked together. I swear by Paul's work he is the only one i let touch my wifes diamonds. I have never had issue with his work. He stands by his craftsmanship.

Scott Collins |  West Haven, Connecticut

This is the best jewelry repair business I have found in Connecticut. Having been in the jewelry business myself for many years I have found Paul to be very fair and honest in his dealings. I highly recommend him

Don Spillane |  Milford, Connecticut

I was looking for a diamond necklace for my wife. After looking at all the usual retail stores and not finding what I liked, I thought I'd buy a diamond online. Paul had done a great job a year ago resizing an engagement ring so I figured he could mount the diamond in a necklace. I researched diamonds online and found what I liked in my budget. Before ordering it, I stopped by to make sure Paul could do it. Of course he could he said and asked why not get the diamond from him. He spent a good 45 minutes with me going thru his inventory and we finally agreed on a stone. I must say his price was very competitive with the online diamond sites. Also, I felt more comfortable buying it from someone I had a good experience with before. My wife loved the necklace but found the clasp a bit small. We went back to Paul and selected a larger clasp. He replaced it in 20 minutes and gave me full credit from the smaller clasp toward the larger clasp. I am very pleased with the entire experience and will return to Shefer & Co. the next time I'm looking for jewelry. UPDATE: I came back for some gold earrings and dealt with Paul again. I feel I received very good quality at a very reasonable price. Always a pleasure to deal with Paul.

Ken B. |  North Branford, Connecticut

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